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Triumph T140 TR7-750cc Billet Piston Set

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Triumph T140 TR7-750cc Billet Piston Set

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M.A.P. Cycle Billet Piston Kits for OEM T140 cylinders.  Not for T120/TR6 big bore cylinders.

$275.00 - $300.00

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M.A.P. Cycle Billet Piston Kits for OEM T140/TR7 cylinders.  Not for T120/TR6 big bore cylinders.

    • Hi-Silicone, low expansion, Hi-Strength 4032 aluminum alloy.  The ultimate for severe use in air cooled engines.
    • 100% CNC Machined, utilizing the latest “Solid Works” CAD design. This allows for consistent cross-section providing the most even heat distribution with the highest weight reduction (lightest commercially available piston kits for less vibration).
    • Lo-Dome "Tight Quench" design for efficient flame travel and combustion (9.5:1 compression ratio and higher)
    • Zero Deck design for max power while minimizing octane requirements (9.5:1 compression ratio and higher)
    • 2nd Ring-Land "Accumulator" groove to prevent unloading of the top ring from trapped blow-by.
    • Tapered wrist pin (I.D.) for rigidity and weight reduction
    • “Micro Groove" piston skirt for high scuff resistance.
    • Race Type "SpiroLoc" clips for reliability - Won't come out
    • Latest piston cam design reduces noise, and increases life better than any other commercially available vintage Brit Bike piston kit.

    Updated wrist pin oiling:

      • 4 location pressure fed wrist pin oilers
      • Increases oil volume to pin
      • Dual clocked pin bore grooving holds and disperses the oil around the wrist pin
      • Minimizes heat buildup to prevent galling between the small end of the rod and the wrist pin

    Race proven ring pack features:

      • Perfectly round making these the best sealing, quickest seating rings available.
      • Modern sizing for the least amount of friction with the most amount of heat transfer for cooler running pistons.
        • 1.0mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Barrel-Face Top Ring
        • 1.2mm Ferrox Cast-Iron Napier 2nd
        • 2.8mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Rails with expander (3 piece design)

    Note:  Stated compression ratios are an approximation, and are dependent on several variables such as base and head gasket thickness, and any modifications that changes combustion chamber volume such as valve recession, valve sizing, and head surface milling.

    Designed by, and exclusively manufactured for M.A.P. Cycle thru sources in the U.S.A.

Additional Information

Piston Material Billet - 4032
Manufacture MAP Cycle
Country of Manufacture United States
Additional Information

Additional Information

Piston Material Billet - 4032
Manufacture MAP Cycle
Country of Manufacture United States

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Hello and Good Day !
currently on my T140V '77 engine I have .080 oversize piston's . What size pistons would I need to have for the "Triumph T140 Billet Piston Set" considering having to hone the cylinders ?

Thanks a lot,
what clearance are the 10.5 pistons bike will be raced on 1/2 mies
I had a bit of a glitch on my race bike and holed a piston
I need the rings replaced for both cylinders but just one piston
Is this possible?

The underside of the piston has this on it


serial# 638951
hi, what are the weight compared to the originals? also, do you make pistons for other brit bikes than triumph .I am moving back into m/cycle restoration and want to provide customers with quality parts. always liked hepolite in the past, but now seem doubtful they are the same quality as the good ol days, when brit bikes where thouroughly thrashed like the owners hated them,haha,well,loved thrashing them.
could you tell me the distance from the rist pin hole to the top edge or deck location of the piston and the pin dia.?

I run a T140 d from 1983 . I need new pistons +060“ wich one should i order
0 you have direct experience with running these pistons on T140 street bike/mild cams in 100F + weather and our lovely CALFONIA "91" pump gas?
will 10.5 c.r. work- without excessively retarding ignition timing? or even the 9.0 c.r. ?
thanks for any helps
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